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Specially developed for Adobe InDesign™, Adobe InCopy™, and Adobe InDesign Server™.

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    More than 30 different languages available

    Our products are available in more than 30 different languages. Among them are also languages that neither InDesign nor InCopy support themselves.
    For example, InDihyph hyphenation can deal simultaneously with over 40 languages depending on the number of licensed language packages.

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    Unique features

    Only InDihyph distinguishes five hyphenation quality levels. Only with InDihyph can you use "wild card characters" to prevent the starts and ends of words from being hyphenated. Only InDihyph PRO can assign individual hyphenation quality levels to each paragraph and paragraph format. Only InDihyph can define complex hyphenation rules.

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    In action worldwide

    Our products have existed since Adobe InDesign CS2 and are available in the current Adobe version of InDesign, InCopy, and InDesign Server. You get professional extensions for daily use through worldwide use and long-term testing. All products are optimized for speed and are thus the first choice for use in daily newspapers, catalog production, and so forth! We'll gladly cite references for you from corporate customers with whom our products come into daily use.

  • Current news

    The InDihyph Server 2020 hyphenation is now available for InDesign Server 2020.

    The InDihyph hyphenation and the InDitect spellchecker are now available for InDesign 2020 and InCopy 2020.

    A new update for all our products, InDihyph Desktop, InDihyph Server and InDitect Spell Checker are available. More than 300.000 new words are added to the spell checker. The hyphen qualities returned by the InDihyph hyphenation are optimized. All language packs are updated. The current version numbers of the InDihyph Hyphenation are: CS5 = 7.1.0, CS5.5 = 7.6.1, CS6 = 8.0.7, CC = 9.0.7, CC2014 = 10.0.6, CC2015 = 11.0.6, CC2017 = 12.0.3, CC2018 = 13.0.4, CC2019 = 14.0.1, Language Pack version = 3.94
    The current versions of the InDitect Spell Checker are: CS5 = 7.1.3, CS5.5 = 7.6.3, CS6 = 8.3.3, CC = 9.1.3, CC2014 = 10.1.3, CC2015 = 11.1.3, CC2017 = 12.0.2, CC2018 = 13.0.1, CC2019 = 14.0.1, Language Pack version = 3.94

    The InDihyph hyphenation and the InDitect spellchecker are available for InDesign CC2019 and InCopy CC2019.

    The InDihyph hyphenation and the InDitect spellchecker are available for InDesign CC2018 and InCopy CC2018.

    The InDihyph hyphenation has the brand new hyphen engine 5.0 integrated. Now it's possible to create hyphen rules which can be applied in the whole word. Now hyphen rules are smart enough that they don't destroy correct hyphen points. The InDitect spellchecker got new updated dictionaries.

    The Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2017 version of the InDihyph hyphenation and the InDitect spell checker are available now.

    The InDihyph hyphenation will now support two new languages, Basque and Swahili.

    The Versions 11.1.1, V10.1.1, V9.1.1, V8.3.1, V7.6.1 and V7.1.1 will fix some important bugs in the InDitect Spell Checker. From now on, all versions (CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC2014 und CC2015) have the same features and the same dictionaries.

    We have analyzed thousands of new words and tested them in the InDihyph hyphenation. InDihyph is more uptodate than ever. The InDitect spell checker InDitect has been extended about 20,000 new words. As a new option, InDitect will give you proposals for the Duden spellings work too. All new features and updates are included in previous versions starting with CS5 too.

    The InDihyph Ghost function is specially developed for agencies and freelancer. Get more detailed information on the product page.

    Beyond the updated dictionaries, InDitect was extended by more spell check options to control missing spaces, double spaces and more.